The ADHD Strength Zone

Teachers and parents often let kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) know their weaknesses.  They usually use words such as disorganized, lazy, unmotivated, forgetful, talkative, emotional, and the list goes on and on.  It has been documented that kids with ADD/ADHD hear five times as many negative as positive comments. 

What about the strengths of these kids?  Their strengths are usually described with words such as social, exciting, funny, loving, risk-taking, and energetic.  These positive qualities must not be overlooked and can become huge assets when they are adults.  Parents must find and build on the strengths of their child with ADD/ADHD.  I recently attended a seminar by Dr. John Maxwell who said something I found very interesting.  He advises parents not to focus so much on weaknesses but to find their child’s strengths and build and nurture them.  For example, buy books on the topics, talk with experts, attend seminars, take field trips, etc.  A child’s strengths will carry them through in life.  He gave the example that if your child is a C student in reading, perhaps you should be ok with it.  Instead of spending excessive time working with tutors to try and make him/her an A student, spend time building their strengths.  If you like this notion, read more in his book, Talent is Never Enough.

Dr. Forgan can help identify your child’s strengths.  He is a licensed school psychologist and certified dyslexia testing specialist who can evaluate your child for ADD/ADHD, giftedness, dyslexia, and other associated disorders.