What Makes Your Full Evaluations Different From Others?

A parent asked me a couple of good questions which were, “Don’t psychologist all use the same tests?  What makes your testing different?”  There are a hundred plus psychological tests so psychologists don’t always use the same tests, nor should they.  An inexperienced psychologist will always use the same tests regardless of the issue but this often leaves parents wondering because the parents’ questions were not answered.

For each individual I work with I use a different set of tests that is individualized to make sure to answer the parent’s most important question(s).   Since I specialize in school neuropsychology, ADHD, and dyslexia, I can use tests that many school psychologists have not been trained to administer.   These tests provide greater information than the ‘average’  test.

My philosophy is to try and add value and knowledge to your situation by doing the best job I can.  One tidbit that sets me apart from most private practitioners is that, with your permission, I’ll talk to your child’s teacher on the phone to get his/ her perspective.  Most psychologists won’t do that because it takes them additional time and many believe time is money.   I’ve been a classroom teacher so I understand the importance of getting the teacher’s perspective.  After all, the teacher is spending considerable time with your child and the issue is usually occurring at school.  You don’t get the big picture without talking to the teacher.  I want the big picture of what the parent sees, teacher reports, my direct work with the child, and my intuition.  This way all bases are covered.   This is just one of the many ways my testing differs from others.  Call me and I’ll discuss more with you.