Don’t Wait For Your Child To Fail

As a parent, are you thinking, “I hope things go better for my child in school this year?”  Do you anticipate a negative daily call from the school about your child’s behavior or effort?  Your child’s issues from last year may not have surfaced yet but could be bubbling.  My advise to you is don’t take a wait and see approach.  Time is too valuable and the school year will be over before we know it.  Historically, school districts move slow when supporting kids that struggle. 

Be proactive.  If you know your child may have learning or behavioral issues at school, contact me.  The results of my evaluation will identify strengths and weaknesses.  It is accepted by all schools.  This documentation will speed up the help your child receives in school.  Without written documentation, your child’s school won’t make any accommodations.  These are things like not counting off for messy handwriting, a reduced list of spelling words, use of a word processor, copies of notes, not missing recess, and extra time on tests and assignments.  In order to receive extra time on the SAT or ACT, your child must currently have this accommodation in place at school. 

A proactive investment in your child’s future will save you from wasting your money on hit and miss search for answers.  Your child’s school will give extra help and support if you have the proper documentation.  Answers await you.  Don’t wait for your child to fail before getting help.  Your child will thank you.