Understanding Your Struggling Child

As a parent it’s difficulty to watch your child’s daily school struggles.  Does your child hold it together in school and then fall apart as soon as she gets home?  Is he mentally exhausted after a day of school?  Completing homework may be a nightly battle and more time is spent arguing about starting homework than it would take to finish the homework if he’d just get started.   Your intuition tells you something is going on with your child’s learning.  You’ve asked yourself, “What could it be?”   Is it dyslexia?  Could it be ADHD or ADD? My child seems smart so is it a learning disability?    

If you truly want to understand your child I recommend getting him or her tested.  For example, would you repair your car without running diagnostic testing?  No.  First you’d check under the hood to see what is problematic.  Would you take medicine for chest pain without testing?  The answer is probably, “No.”  So why would you invest thousands of dollars in tutoring or brain training before testing your child to see what’s really occurring?  You wouldn’t give a kid glasses without testing her vision, right?

Perhaps you are thinking your child is lazy when he really has a processing problem.  Having your child tested provides insight into what’s going on with his or her learning.  A group of tests tailored to your child’s needs provides results that can yield understanding. This will allow you to target the right type of tutoring so you don’t waste valuable time on things that won’t work.

My advice to you is don’t take a wait and see approach.  Time it too valuable as there are only seven months of school remaining and FCAT is coming soon.  Historically, school districts move slow when supporting kids that struggle. 

Be proactive.  The results of my evaluation will identify strengths and weaknesses.  It is accepted by all schools.  This documentation can speed up the help your child receives in school. 

A reasonable investment in your child’s future will save you from wasting your money on hit and miss search for help.  Real answers await you.  Trust your intuition and don’t wait for your child to fail before getting help.  Your child will thank you. 

Get started today by filling out the contact form above or call the number at the top of the page.  Honest answers await you.