Tools for Teens With ADHD

If your teenager has Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) then you know your child needs to learn tools for independently living so you stop calling him or her disorganized, unmotivated, lazy, only interested in select interests, or a procrastinator.  I’m a big believer that books can help parents and teens learn new tools for improving their circumstances.

I came across a recently published book called The ADHD Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Gain Motivation and Confidence. Consider using this book to empower your adolescent with ADHD.  There are 40 applied activities you and your teen can complete.  A couple of activities are corny but most are pretty helpful and spot-on.  One of my favorites was “Pushing Back Against Your Cant’s” and I believe in this activity because so many teens with ADHD have a pessimistic and negative outlook.  These teens often experience ANTS or automatic negative thoughts that spring up and push down.  The book’s activity helps teens learn to combat and replace the ‘can’t’ mindset with a ‘can’ mindset.  Being able to have and keep a positive mindset is an important skill for success in life.

Using books to help your teen is a natural way to change his or her mindset or outlook.  If your adolescent has a negative perspective they are not alone and this perspective does not go away without help.  The help can come from counseling or books.  Decide which one works best for your teen and start him or her on a new path to reach his or her full potential.