What’s Wrong With My Child?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?  I have.  In my experience, children that struggle do so in cycles.  It’s like being on a rollercoaster.  Things can seem really bad for a while and then even out.  It is during the low points when parents think, “What is wrong with my child?” and “What else can I do to keep from losing my mind?”

I worked with a second grade boy because he was frequently in trouble at school.  He explained, “I’m in a bad habit right now.  I just can’t break the habit.”  This young man’s parents were wise enough to realize they could not stop his downward spin either and they contacted me.  Sometimes parents feel hopeless, like they have tried it all, and nothing works.  We worked together and developed a plan to break the negative cycle and turn things around.  It involved the child, parents, and teacher.

The parents were also considering retaining their son in second grade again.  My evaluation and insight helped them make the right decision for their family.  It was a decision based on data rather than their ever changing emotions.  Parents want what’s best for their children and consulting with a psychologist gives a holistic picture from a neutral expert.

There is always hope. There are good days ahead.  Raising a challenging child is not easy.  Be steadfast and consistent and you can turn from being discouraged to encouraged.  A listening ear and support are available.  I know because as a parent, I’ve been there!