Helping Poor Readers

It can frustrate you and your child when reading does not develop easily.  Sometimes the struggle becomes a blame game of blaming the child for not trying hard enough, blaming a teacher for poor teaching, or even blaming yourself for not spending enough time reading with your child.  Ultimately, a child’s struggles are often related to a combination of factors including a genetic predisposition for reading difficulty.  Many times learning disabilities such as dyslexia occur within the family tree.

Helping Poor Readers

To help your child you have many choices of doing testing, tutoring, brain training, waiting, or talking with the teacher.  While testing and tutoring are preferred, the one thing I recommend you do is not let your child lose the hope that they can become a great reader.  When I test poor readers I identify the root cause and most effective reading program to help your child make the most improvement as fast as possible.  I also assess self-esteem as some kids come in feeling defeated and believing they have a broken brain.

Reading Interests

I understand the struggles because I had a hard time reading and sounding out words but I had a strong memory so I could compensate and memorize words well.  During my childhood it was common to collect things so as a 10-year-old kid I collected beer cans. I my dad drank the beer and I displayed the can’s colorful design.  My parents subscribed me to Beer Can Collectors of America and I read articles about beer cans. We went on the brewery tour at Busch Gardens.  While these did not lead me to my career, the activities motivated me to read.

You might encourage your child to read about his or her interests in Pokémon, Minecraft, arts and crafts, or Candy Crush.  Support your child’s reading interests with material and experiences.

Special Reading Support

To help poor readers, start with specialized tutoring at reading centers like Lindamood Bell or the Reading Success Center in Palm City. I have some specialized reading tutors at  If money is tight, you teach your child using the Barton Reading System at  Reading is a skill so it can improve.

If you suspect dyslexia, call our office as we test children ages 5.5 through college for dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, gifted, and other processing disorders.  Call (561) 625 4125.