Give the Gift of Reading This Year

Give the gift of reading to your child this holiday season.  Since reading is foundational for academic success, your child’s reading needs to be on or above grade level.  Here are three ways you can help improve your elementary age child’s reading.

First, trust your instinct and seek understanding. Most moms (and some dads) instinctively know your child’s reading is behind.  Teachers have good intentions but I repeatedly have a scenario play out when parents come to me even though the teacher says, “Don’t worry.” We test and uncover the child has dyslexia.  Honestly, smart kids compensate for weaknesses.  Also, it’s a ton of work for a teacher to refer a child for school-based testing so some teachers keep pushing kids along without getting to the root cause. Come in for testing to give yourself understanding, peace of mind, and direction. If you on the fence about testing, first read “Overcoming Dyslexia, Second Edition” by Dr. Sally Shaywitz.

Next, you can teach your child using a specialized reading approach.  The Barton Reading and Spelling System was designed for parents and educators to use one-to-one with children.  Learn more at  If you prefer, hire a specialized reading tutor to teach your child since many kids work better with someone other than a parent. I have a list of professional reading tutors at

Third, provide a fun way to read. With your younger child, build a pillow fort and read inside the fort. Create a ‘secret’ reading space, tree house, or unique area for reading.  Regardless of age, read to your child. As you read aloud, periodically stop and discuss what each person is picturing in their mind. This develops reading comprehension.  Older kids might like to listen and read along using Audible.

We offer dyslexia, learning disability, and ADHD/ADD testing to help you give the gift of reading to your child. Call us today at (561) 625 4125