Help Me Help My Child

Help me help my child is a theme of many parents we work with.  Like many parents, you want to know if something is wrong with your child and what you can do to help. That’s our specialty.

Cathy came to us and her first grade son was struggling with his behavior in school and at home.  It seemed like everyday the teacher sent a negative report home about him causing trouble. She had already eliminated junk food from his diet. He was taking a focus vitamin she purchased online but neither made much of a difference. She wanted to know if her child’s behavior was developmental or something else.  Cathy did not want to punish her son for something he could not control.

Our school neuropsychological testing assessed his attention, concentration, memory, language, fine motor control, intelligence, and learning to look for a root cause for his difficulty. Some children have poor behavior due to not understanding directions and others process information slower and miss key details.  Some children act out because of an underlying learning disability.  We uncovered Cathy’s son had neuropsychological weaknesses in attention and processing speed and were able to recommend specific strategies to help at home and in school.

Our testing gave Cathy a better understanding of her child so she could provide targeted support.  This saved her valuable time and likely preserved her son’s self-esteem.  Some kids with prolonged behavior issues develop low self-esteem and view themselves as a bad boy or girl. With her new approach Cathy and her husband helped her son have a remarkable turn around in school and at home.

We can help you help your child. We test kids for dyslexia, behavior issues, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and much more.  Call us (561) 625 4125.