Parent’s Quick Start Guide to Dyslexia

My new dyslexia book, Parent’s Quick Start Guide to Dyslexia, was recently released and provides you with an immediate overview of dyslexia and specific steps you can take to support and help your child. Each chapter is packed with detailed and helpful information, covering identification, public schools versus private settings, and how (and when) to seek professional help. Topics include a wealth of research-backed activities, nurturing talent and creativity, motivating your child to read, and more.  Offering straightforward, easy to understand, and evidence-based information, this book is a go-to resource for caregivers parenting a child with dyslexia.

I’ve been diagnosing children with dyslexia for a while and providing parents this type of information in our review sessions. For those that know me, I’m a get to the point fast type of guy.  Now you can get trusted, get to the point help for your child with dyslexia in my new book.  Time is too valuable to waste so let’s do what is best to help your child and let’s do it now!