Inflexible Children Struggle

Inflexible children struggle. “We don’t spring any unexpected changes on him or he has a huge meltdown,” explained one mom.  Her eight-year-old son had daily tantrums when things did not go his way.  Mom was concerned he might have ADHD so we evaluated him to determine the root cause of his meltdowns. Our evaluation showed it was not ADHD but rather he had executive functioning difficulty with shifting attention and cognitive flexibility.

One Track Mind

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “That person has a one-track mind.” That saying captures what happens when inflexible people get something stuck in their minds and they can’t get it out.  They perseverate.  Their brain is like a train riding down a track and it can’t make a shift to a new track until it gets to a junction.  Unfortunately for some people, their brain goes on for ‘miles’ before it reaches a junction.  As a parent you might think, “Just get over it and move on” but it is not that easy for your child.

Transition Difficulty

Inflexible children often have difficulty making transitions at home and at school.  They often see things their way and have difficulty going with the flow.  This contributes to their melt downs and stubbornness. Inflexible children are not always pleasant to be around.  They can be bossy when playing and want to do things their way.  This inflexibility can create friendship issues with same age peers and inflexible children might prefer to play with younger children whom they can boss around.

Executive Functioning

The term executive functioning describes our brain’s management system.  Kids with executive functioning difficulty need to learn skills rather than take pills to help them.  Mom was happy medication was not the answer for her child. “My Day is Ruined!: A Story Teaching Flexible Thinking” by Bryan Smith is a book you can read with your child to teach skills.

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