Why It’s Important To Only Work With a Licensed School Psychologist

A licensed school psychologist is a person who has studied both the field of psychology and education and has earned at least a master’s degree or higher.  In a school neuropsychology training program, psychologists learn typical and atypical child development, brain functioning, cognitive and emotional development, statistical and research methodology, and specialized educational interventions, at minimum.  A school psychologist spends over 4000 hours working with children under supervision, before becoming licensed.

A person representing themselves as a ‘learning specialist, reading specialist, educational diagnostician, etc.’ does not have this level of training or experience. Equally important, all public and most private schools only recognize the evaluations of licensed psychologistswhen writing IEPs or making learning accommodations. Parents that seek help from so called learning specialists are wasting their hard earned money.

My advice to parents is to talk with only licensed psychologists and ask them questions about their philosophy and experiences.  Make sure they work with children of the same age as yours and with the issues you suspect your child may have.  Then you won’t be disappointed.  In this field the adage, “You get what you pay for” really applies.