Is Your Child’s Education in a Recession?

If your child has repeated a grade, is at risk for failing this year, struggles to read, or gets in trouble in school, invest in your child’s future by having a strength based psychoeducational evaluation.  Many parents think about investing in their child by funding a Roth IRA or the Florida prepaid college program but may not always invest in their child’s educational success.  A strength based psychoeducational evaluation is a process that determines exactly how your child learns best and determines if they have any learning disabilities or other childhood disorders.  We then create a plan for your child’s educational success that can be used in any public or private school. 

My evaluations are highly comprehensive and I gather information from the parents, teacher, child, and from my interactions.  By having multiple viewpoints, I am able to see the whole picture of your child’s current status across many settings.  My evaluation will allow you to know exactly how your child learns best, how they process information, insight into their innate abilities, the status of their self-esteem, and much more!  When I am finished working with your child and gathering information, I meet with you and we create an action plan with recommendations and steps you can take to enhance your child’s educational success.  As a former teacher, I know which teaching methods and support will best help your child.

The report I write can be used in any public or private school setting so your child can receive accommodations, if needed.  If your child qualifies for extra time as an accommodation, my report is also used to get extra time on the SAT or ACT.  Your investment in a strength based psychoeducational evaluation for your child will continue to pay off for years to come!  You will know exactly what steps to take to make sure he or she finds success and happiness in school.

Dr. Forgan is a licensed school psychologist who can evaluate your child for dyslexia, learning disabilities, and gifted program placement.  Call Dr. Forgan at 625-4125 to discuss your child.