When Kids Have Problems

Have you ever wished every day could end with a calm and peaceful sunset? I have but unfortunately many days are not calm and peaceful when you have a child that struggles or that contributes to family friction.  What causes his or her struggles?  I say, “When in doubt let’s rule it out.” That’s the premise behind testing your child when he or she is having a problem. School neuropsychological testing of your child helps determine what is occurring within him or her so you know how to best deal with it. Do you need to punish or give grace? Your child’s behavior might be frustrating you but there could be a hidden reason for the behavior.

Testing Your Child

I believe you shouldn’t punish your child for something he or she can’t control.  Maybe what your child does is not within his or her control and if that’s the case then you can approach it differently.  When you have your child tested it gives you insight to know what is going on with your child.

An Example

I recently met with a mom who had a 9-year-old boy who had difficulty controlling his behavior. His dad was in the picture, but not really involved. This boy had a history of hearing but not doing what he was told.  At his home, his mom told him he could go fishing but not to go out of her sight or else she would ground him. In his excitement of chasing fish he forgot what she said and went out of sight.  She called and called him but he didn’t respond so she was extremely worried. After searching for him and later finding him way down the shoreline she was relieved, but upset.  She thought, “Why couldn’t he just listen?”  Since this was a repeated pattern of behavior for her son she brought him for testing.  After testing she learned his memory problems were due to a real disorder and not just willful misbehaving. Through this process she learned some new skills that helped her know how to best help her son.

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