School Shouldn’t Be This Difficult

“I hate school. School is like jail for kids.” Margaret’s son’s reaction captured how many boys perceive school. It can be a battle to get your child to school and a battle to get homework completed.  Many parents feel embattled by emails, texts, or phone calls about your child’s behavior or effort.  Learning is a slow process and your child’s behind.  Many parents come to us for school neuropsychological testing seeking answers because they realize school should not be this difficult.

It’s Not Laziness

Children struggle in school for various reasons and for adolescent boys I often hear, “He is just lazy and unmotivated.”  Many times our testing reveals a hidden learning disability and that your son is feeling inadequate.  When a boy does not feel good enough or that he can meet the academic requirement, he can’t work to his potential. Thus, he is not lazy but feeling inadequate and believes, “Why try?”  The good news is this can be changed with proper support at school and home.

15-20% of Children Struggle

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 15-20% of public-school students in the United States receive special education services. In Florida, 15% of public school students have an Individual Education Program (IEP). Thirty-three percent of special education students have a specific learning disability. Your child needs tested to receive public school help.  Public schools offer this but with many hurdles and a lengthy wait time.  We offer a more thorough evaluation and give you written results in two weeks or less.

Seek Support

Trust your parental instinct and seek additional understanding. A wait and see approach often delays getting your child the proper help and support. Tutoring, counseling, an IEP, or 504 Plan is often needed to start closing gaps and increasing independence and confidence.  The state of Florida provides money to help you offset these expenses. To learn more search Family Empowerment Scholarship Unique Abilities.

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