What is My Child’s Learning Style?

If you are like many parents, helping your child complete schoolwork online was a tiring process.  Many kids struggled with focusing, maintaining effort, and getting every assignment done without a battle.  One parent told me she developed a new appreciation for what teachers do in the classroom.  Being your child’s home education teacher might have made you wonder about your child’s preferred learning style.

Auditory Learning Style

Some children are primarily auditory learners.  These kids learn best by listening to audio books, podcasts, and discussion.  Auditory learners have stronger reading comprehension when they softly read aloud so they can hear themselves.

Visual Learning Style

Other children are primarily visual learners, they learn best by seeing a diagram, map, or watching a video.  Children who are visual learners study their notes for a test and then during the test can visualize the page of notes that has the answer.


Many children are multisensory learners and they learn best using a variety of strategies.  They benefit from touching flash cards and sorting them into categories as they study.  Color coding important information helps multisensory learners.


Kinesthetic learners need to be moving as they learn.  These children can bounce a ball to a rhythm while saying aloud their multiplication facts.  Some children stand or walk around as they study.  Kinesthetic learners benefit from hands on learning.


I can test your child to determine his or her learning style and then give you recommendations on how to build upon these strengths to help your child excel in school.  You can also Google “online learning style survey” and complete a free one or try this one: http://www.educationplanner.org/students/self-assessments/learning-styles-quiz.shtml.

Once you understand your child’s learning style, you can use it to help make learning more interesting and fun.

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