Three Ways to Help A Struggling Learner

Is your child a struggling learner?  Learning struggles cause frustration for parents and kids.  Most kids who struggle with learning do so in reading as approximately 80% of learning disabilities are reading related.  Kids who continuously struggle to learn become turned off to school so being a proactive parent can help prevent future problems.  Here are three ways to help your struggling learner.

Struggling Learner Help Number 1

First, capitalize on your child’s interests to help make learning fun.  If your young child struggles with reading, use his interest in Minecraft to learn sight words.  Make flashcards using a Minecraft type font.  You could create a fun way to memorize sight words by making a flashcards Minecraft concentration game. Or, you and your child can staple paper together and use some sight words to write a story about your son and Minecraft. He can practice reading the story which can motivate him to read.

Struggling Learner Help Number 2

Help your child make the most gain in the shortest time by using specialized reading tutoring.  As a well-intentioned parent you might hire a teacher to work with your daughter but many teachers don’t use a specialized reading program.  Hire a reading specialist that uses the Barton, Wilson, or Lindamood-Bell reading programs.  These are designed to help kids with persistent reading difficulty.  To make improvements use at least twice weekly tutoring.

Struggling Learner Help Number 3

Last, test your child to pinpoint the exact struggle.  My testing helps you understand the root cause of the struggle and know how to best proceed with focus. This can help you know if the struggle is a behavior or neurological issue.  It’s my belief that you don’t want to punish your child for something he or she can’t help.  Many times learning disabilities are hidden disabilities because they occur internally and are only apparent when kids struggle with academic and learning expectations.  Testing gives you understanding about your child.

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