Three Ways to Help Dyslexics Read

As a dyslexia testing specialist, I work with a lot of children with dyslexia and many do not enjoy reading because it’s s a challenging and brain tiring workout. Even though they can read, most dyslexics don’t choose to read for fun.  Children with dyslexia often have a cognitive processing disorder in the phonological loop part of their brain.  This disorder interferes with the child’s ability to learn the letter and letter family sounds.  If your child or loved on has suspected or diagnosed dyslexia there are three ways to help dyslexics enjoy reading.

Three Ways to Help Dyslexics Read

First, read high quality literature to your child.  People with dyslexia are smart and can listen and understand at a much higher level than they can independently read and understand.  Therefore, they enjoy being read to.  I recommend you read high quality literature to your child well into the high school years.  This builds your child’s vocabulary and helps instill the idea that great, rich, and interesting content is within books.

Second, use one-to-one highly specialized reading instruction with a certified tutor. This is especially important during your child’s elementary years when it is easier to make and see reading improvements.  Orton-Gillingham based multisensory reading instruction is the gold standard for teaching dyslexics to become proficient readers.

Third, use technology with your child.  Learning Ally is the largest repository of books on audio.  Although it’s a subscription, your child can find all his or her school books on audio so they can listen while reading along.  Another website that uses Orton Gillingham based reading instruction is  This website helps elementary age children with dyslexia learn how to read.

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