College Learning Disability ADHD Testing in Florida

Your child may have had accommodations in high school and many of those same accommodations are available in college.  Most universities require updated testing for college learning disability ADHD accommodations which means testing within the last three years.  The most common college accommodations are extended time on tests, distraction reduced testing, small group or individual testing, copies of notes, and preferential seating.  Other college accommodations include using technology such as a tablet or computer to take notes during class.

Less frequent accommodations include having a course substituted or waived, a single dorm room without a roommate, and extended time to complete your degree. Each school’s office for students with disabilities can give you the specific accommodations they provide.  If you had a 504 Plan or IEP in high school it can be helpful to bring that with you to show the types of accommodations you previously received. Colleges do not honor your previous IEP or 504 Plan nor do they write an IEP or 504 Plan but they provide accommodations as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

We do college learning disability ADHD testing for high school and college students so that your paperwork is updated and ready to submit for accommodations.  Testing can be done in one day and your written report with results and specific college recommendations is ready in less than a week.

Florida Universities with College Learning Disability ADHD Accommodations

Below are some of the links to Florida universities so you can obtain additional information directly from the university.

University of Florida Disability Testing

The University of Florida offers accommodations through their Disability Resource Center. According to their website, if you think you need accommodations call the office to set up an intake appointment with one of the learning specialists.

Florida State University Disability Testing

Florida State University has a Student Disability Resource Center and according to their website 2100 FSU students receive accommodations. They provide, “academic accommodations, testing support, assistive technologies, and a space for students to feel part of the FSU community.”  Learn more at

University of Central Florida Disability Testing

The University of Central Florida calls their office Student Accessibility Services.  They recommend students set up an appointment to meet with an advisor. Learn more at

University of South Florida Disability Testing

The University of South Florida has a Students with Disabilities Services office. Once admitted, students can apply for services. According to their website, “Students are responsible for identifying themselves to SDS and present proper medical documentation to receive academic accommodations.” Learn more at

Florida Gulf Coast University Disability Testing

Florida Gulf Coast University has an Office of Adaptive Services to provide college learning disability ADHD accommodations. Their goal is “To enhance access for students, faculty, staff and guests with disabilities by providing effective reasonable accommodations through educating the campus community and promoting equal access and opportunity”.

University of North Florida Disability Testing

The University of North Florida is in Jacksonville, Florida and offers accommodations to students through their Disability Resource Center.  Bring your paperwork into their office and register for accommodations.  You can learn more at

University of West Florida Disability Testing

The University of West Florida has a Student Accessibility Resources office. According to their website they “Offer a variety of accommodations and services for students with documented disabilities including learning disabilities, deaf/hard of hearing, blind/low vision, mobility limitations, ADHD, psychiatric and medical conditions.” Find additional information at:

Palm Beach Atlantic University Disability Testing

Palm Beach Atlantic University has “Disability Services Office.” They offer a guide book and application on their website.

Atlantic University Disability Testing

Florida Atlantic University offers Student Accessibility Resources offers resources “Include advocacy, academic accommodations, Assistive Technology equipment/software training, Assistive Technology Computer Lab, Learning Strategies training, and an active student organization.”  They offer services across all campuses. Learn more at

We can still do college learning disability ADHD testing for other universities even if your university was not listed above.  Call our office (561) 625-4125