Do Students with Disabilities Attend College?

The high school to college transition is a huge step in a teen’s life and independent living. With hard work students with learning disabilities, mild autism, ADHD, and other disabilities attend and graduate from college.

College Planning

In addition to your student’s hard work, college planning is an important factor to set your student up for success.  Expert college planners such as those at help all high school students, including those with disabilities, identify the right college. They specialize in supporting families through the entire process from identifying colleges for their unique needs, applying, essay writing, and ensuring that accommodations are available.  Class 101 college planners even guide families on available scholarships for making college more affordable.

College Executive Functioning Support

While many college students live on campus, some live in off campus housing with support. The organization called College Living provides off campus housing along with coaching or mentoring to students with disabilities.  They help facilitate the transition to college by providing tutoring, executive functioning skills coaching, and socialization for students.

Developmental Disabilities and College

Students with developmental disabilities or Intellectual Disabilities also attend college.  Florida Atlantic University offers the Academy for Community Inclusion on the Jupiter and Boca Raton campuses. This program allows students to participate in college activities, clubs, and organizations as they take college courses to earn certificates. Students receive a college experience while gaining skills for independence and employment.

College Alternatives

Of course, college is not the right fit for everyone and there are plenty of well-paying jobs that don’t require a degree. Mike Rowe is a television personality and host of Dirty Jobs. He is a huge advocate of the trades and has resources on his website or podcast.

We know students with disabilities who are successful in college and life because of caring parents, family, and mentors. Reach out if we can help you as we test students from preschool through graduate school. If you need updated testing or are concerned about a potential learning disability, autism, or ADHD, call (561) 625 4125.