Palm Beach Atlantic University Disability Testing

The Palm Beach Atlantic University disability testing provides students with up to date documentation they can submit to request reasonable accommodations.  Palm Beach Atlantic calls their office Disability Services and it is located in the Student Success Center.  As a licensed school psychologist, I provide testing for college students and the testing takes approximately 4 to 4.5 hours.  Most college students prefer to complete the testing in one day while some prefer testing on two different days.

What Does Palm Beach Atlantic Disability Testing Include?

The Palm Beach Atlantic University disability testing includes any needed testing in the areas of intelligence (IQ testing), academic testing in reading, writing, and math, tests of information or neuropsychological processing, executive functioning, continuous performance tests, behavioral rating scales, and additional areas as needed.  Each person’s disability is unique so a customized battery of tests are used for each college student.

According to the PBA Disability Services website, their guidelines recommend the student submit the following.  “The following evaluative criteria must be met:

  • Testing that is comprehensive, including a measure of both aptitude and academic achievement in the areas of reading, mathematics, and written language.
  • Documentation for eligibility reflecting the current impact the learning disability has on the student’s functioning.
  • A clear statement that a learning disability is present along with the rational for this diagnosis
  • A narrative summary, including all scores (standard and percentile) supporting the diagnosis.
  • A statement of strengths and needs that will impact the student’s ability to meet the demands of the university environment
  • A statement of the functional impact or limitations of the disability on learning or other major life activities and the degree to which it impacts the individual in the learning context for which accommodations are being requested.
  • Further assessment by an appropriate professional may be required if co-existing learning disabilities or other disabling conditions are indicated.”

What Does Palm Beach Atlantic Do with Disability Testing?

Once a student submits their disability documentation paperwork, they must also complete an application for services.  These two documents are reviewed by a counselor and the counselor meets with the student.  They set up an action plan and the student receives an official approval letter which they can provide each professor.  Some accommodations granted by Palm Beach Atlantic’s Disability Services Office include:

Support Services (granted by Student Success Center based on documentation of disability):

  • Extended time on tests [up to time and one half (i.e 1hr class =1.5 hr test time)]
  • Separate location for testing
  • Faculty/Staff notification of student’s disability(with student’s written permission)
  • A copy of the lecture notes when possible
  • Tape Recording of class lecture

When choosing a psychologist to complete the student’s disability testing paperwork, it’s important to work with a professional familiar with Palm Beach Atlantic’s requirements.  Use the contact form above or call if you’d like to discuss college disability testing.