College FAU Disability Testing

FAU Disability Testing provides students with up to date paperwork to submit for reasonable accommodations.  The process takes approximately four to four and a half hours.  Depending on the type of disability that is being documented, testing requires an IQ test, academic testing, and processing testing (memory, auditory processing, processing speed, etc.).

If a college student has a disability, the FAU Disability Office reviews the student’s paperwork and provides the student with a letter which the student gives to the professor.  This is all done in confidence so the student’s peers do not know he or she has a disability.  Typically the student approaches the professor after class or during office hours and simply gives him or her the letter.  The professor keeps a copy and the student takes a copy back to the FAU Disability Office to have on file.

The FAU Disability Office can provide accommodations such as extended time on tests, distraction reduced test taking, a peer note taker, course substitution, frequent breaks, use of assistive technology, and much more depending on the person’s unique needs.

Call or use the contact form above if you or your FAU student needs updated paperwork for the FAU Disability Office.