Let’s Identify Your Child’s Struggles

Are you at your wits end? Yes, your child’s struggles are real.  Now that kids are learning from home you’ve had an up close and personal look at how much your child struggles with focusing or learning.  You’re like many parents who now realize a processing problem might be occurring within your child.  The school staff did not want to bring this to your attention because they had limited resources available to test your child.  Thus, they keep pushing struggling kids along.  You can have your child privately tested to determine why he or she struggles.

To help your child you need to identify what is causing the struggle so that you know exactly where to target support.  Testing your child can identify your child’s underlying problem so that you can start to help in a meaningful way.  Why let something hinder your child from reaching his or her potential?  Schoool neuropsychological testing includes tests of memory, speed, language processing, visual-spatial processing, attention, executive functioning, flexible thinking, reading, math, writing, self-esteem, and much more.  This approach identifies your child’s strengths and weaknesses so we can target the right support.

In addition, when school resumes you can share the results report with the school so they can write up a 504 Plan or IEP.  These are the special plans that provide accommodations for your child. This means the school can do things to help your child so you have systems of support from multiple areas.

If you are supervising your child’s work, try these three strategies.  1. Reinforce what your child is doing well.  Your child has to feel like they are doing things right. 2.  Use Grandma’s rule which is you have to eat your veggies before you get dessert.  Your child must do their school work in order to earn reward time of a tablet or video game.  3.  If you have a say in your child’s school work schedule, try to do the hardest tasks first thing in the morning.  Most kids work better in the morning than in the afternoon.  Your chid’s struggles are real so invest in testing to help him or her overcome any hinderances while at the same time unlocking potential.

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