Concerned Mom: Why Can’t My Child Keep Up?

A concerned mom explained her child’s struggles to me, “I feel like sometimes Jenny cannot keep up with a conversation. When we are talking she often stops and ask questions to explain more or again. When she hears a new word, she does not seem to hear it correctly. We have to repeat it a few times and break it down into the sounds for her to finally get it and repeat it back correctly.  When she is telling a story or giving information, it can take her a long time to think of what she wants to say and if you interrupt her she has to start all the way at the beginning again and she gets frustrated. She says kids at school make fun of her because she can’t read.”

School Neuropsychological Testing

Our school neuropsychological testing showed Jenny had a language based learning disability along with dyslexia and dysgraphia. She was a smart girl but her language disorders interfered with her ability to listen, follow directions, discriminate sounds, and express herself.  Since writing and reading are language based skills she could not put her thoughts into writing and while she could memorize, she could not pronounce unfamiliar words. Jenny had a strong memory and could memorize adequately so this concealed her true struggles.

How Do We Help?

Jenny’s mom wanted to know how to help Jenny so our recommendations provided her with the best reading program and some tutors. We also provided a list of games they could purchase to play at home to help. Testing helped dad learn that when Jenny could not get to the point, he needed to give more patience and understanding. The testing also provided mom with paperwork to share with Jenny’s school staff. They developed a plan with goals to help Jenny in school.  We discussed next steps in our one hour results review meeting.

Reach Out

It’s unusual for smart children to experience long term academic struggles.  If you are a concerned mom or parent, remember, you know your child best. Call to discuss your child. Visit or call (561) 625 4125.