Coaching Young Adults with ADD

Some young adults benefit from working with a life coach who specializes in helping those with ADD/ ADHD. If you or a person you care about is not quite working up to their potential, a life coach can help the person find direction and confidence.  Sessions are once a week and are completely confidential.  I have two female associates who provide the coaching for people ages 18 through forty. Coaching young adults with ADD is an enlightening process that helps you grow.

Coaching Young Adults with ADD

A coach helps people with areas including: time management, goal setting, follow through, working to one’s potential, completing tasks, remembering better, organizing, and squashing negative inner talk. In the first coaching session you decide with your coach the most important areas you want to work on.  Then the coach helps guide you with strategies to improve these areas.  To obtain good results, you must agree to complete at least four coaching sessions.

Benefits of Coaching

People we have worked with in the past have commented that coaching has helped them increase their ability to get things done, increased their self-confidence, accomplish goals, and helped bring out their strengths.  This type of coaching is not counseling so one analogy to coaching would be if you work with a personal fitness trainer to get healthier. If you’re a young adult, coaching can help you improve your life by obtaining accomplishments and feeling good about yourself.  You will replace ineffective habits with new ways of thinking and acting.

The choice is yours. You can keep doing the same old, same old with the same results or step out into a supportive partnership to better yourself.  Coaching could be one of the best investments you make for yourself.  Coaching young adults with ADD is our speciality and you pay for each session as you go.  Contact us so we can help you. (561) 625-4125