Learning Disability Testing and Treatment in West Palm Beach Florida‏

Learning disability testing and treatment is available in West Palm Beach Florida‏ to help children with dyslexia, reading disorders, dysgraphia (writing learning disability) and memory difficulties.   Jim Forgan, Ph.D. and associates offers learning disability testing and treatment using a school neuropsychological approach to testing and multi sensory reading instruction using Orton-Gillingham based reading programs.  Dr. Forgan and his associates also use the Lindamood-Bell LiPs program to help children learn to read that have auditory discrimination issues.  These children often do not discriminate sounds such as the TH and F sounds and this interferes with reading. Children with learning disabilities requires specialized instruction to help them learn and, unfortunately, most public schools are not providing enough specialized reading instruction for children with learning disabilities but instead use inclusion.

Learning disability testing in West Palm Beach Florida‏

Learning disability testing is done with Dr. Jim Forgan who is a private practice school psychologist and specializes in learning disorders and testing for dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and other issues. Dr. Forgan uses a multi step approach to determining if a child has a learning disability. The first step is to meet with the parents to hear their most important concerns and determine the main questions they want to get answer to the evaluation process. The next step is for the child to come in and begin the testing process which is typically done two, two hour sessions. The next step is for Dr. Forgan to talk with your child’s teacher on the telephone about what the teacher observes in the classroom. Of course, this is done only if parents give permission to contact the teacher. This helps Dr. Forgan look at the big picture of what parents see, what the teacher sees, all the child’s work, and Dr. Forgan’s clinical judgment. He then synthesizes the information to answer the parents most important questions and he writes a written report with specific recommendations. The next step is for parents to come back in without their child and they sit down with Dr. Forgan to go over the results and determine the best course of action as well as review Dr. Forgan’s specific recommendations.

If learning to read was a primary parental concern, Dr. Forgan identifies the best reading curriculum to help the child learn to read in the most efficient and effective way. This saves parents time and money because they don’t go doing a hit and miss approach but rather have a specific approach which, in the long run, is more effective.

Learning disability treatment in Jupiter Florida‏

Dr. Forgan and his team provides support to parents in their Jupiter office which is conveniently located close to I-95.  Parents often ask if learning disability testing is covered by insurance but Dr. Forgan is not on any insurance plans and most insurance companies will say that learning disability testing is educational and not medical so they don’t cover it.  Learning disability testing is more affordable than you may think so use the contact form above or call Dr. Forgan’s office for specific costs.  One-to-one specialized learning disability tutoring is provided at an hourly rate of $70/hr and is the best way to make fast progress.