Teach a Dyslexic Child to Read

Dyslexia is a type of learning disability that affects up to 20% of school age children. Your child may have undiagnosed dyslexia if he or she does not enjoy reading. A smart dyslexic child can compensate and get by but still struggle in silence. These children may not reach their potential. In one day we can test your child to determine if he or she has dyslexia and also identify the best way to teach your child to read. We pinpoint the areas where your child’s problem occurs. Then you may choose to teach your child or hire a specialized reading tutor. When you invest time, energy, and effort either way can be effective.

Teaching children with dyslexia to read is not rocket science. There are effective and straightforward approaches that really work. The oldest, and one of the most effective, approach is based on Orton-Gillingham multisensory reading instruction. Your child may benefit from this teaching if she is weak in reading and everyday spelling. If you want to learn more about this approach visit BrightSolutions.US.

If we test your child and identify that it’s dyslexia, you can teach your child using the Orton-Gillingham influenced Barton Reading and Spelling System. If your child works better with someone else then we have a list of professional tutors that specialize in teaching children with dyslexia. Some parents find online tutoring is both convenient and affordable and use the website DyslexiaConnect.com.  We can help guide you to the right resources.

The critical time between first and fourth grade is when you must help your child become a good reader and overcome dyslexia. The younger your child is when you get dyslexia identified, the better the long term outcome. Call us to help you help your child. You can teach a dyslexic child to read well.