Gifted Jim Forgan, Ph.D.

Testing for gifted- Jim Forgan, Ph.D., licensed school psychologist in Jupiter. Gifted testing for children in pre-k through 8th grade is the most frequent grade range. The gifted testing requires an individually administered IQ test and gifted testing takes about an hour. You receive the results the same day in summary form so you know right away if your child meets the IQ requirement for gifted classes. An IQ test does not have reading or math on it.

IQ Requirement- Gifted Jim Forgan Testing

The national standard for a gifted IQ is a Full IQ score of 130. This is the score required by the Palm Beach Schools gifted classes, Martin County (Stuart area) gifted classes, Port. St. Lucie gifted classes and other school districts in Florida.  A full scale IQ of 130 means your child scored above 98% of same age students. IQ testing is based on your child’s age.  This means you don’t need to try and ‘time’ gifted testing because gifted testing is based on narrow age ranges.

Preparing for Gifted Testing

The main way to prepare your child is to give a low key explanation of why your child is coming to work with us.  We recommend you not tell your child it’s gifted testing but rather explain that we work with kids to find out all they have learned.  An example explanation for gifted testing could be, “You are learning so much in school  that I want to have your work with a person I know who will help me know some of the things you have learned. You’ll do some different fun activities that I think you’ll enjoy.”  Give your child an explanation that does not include the word, ‘test.’  When you work with us we also give you a free video tour of the office so you can show it to your child and he or she can picture where they are coming. This reduces mystery and anxiety so your child feels more comfortable than just showing up with no prior knowledge.

Full Gifted Testing or Gifted Screening

We offer two options and the full gifted testing is required for placement in a gifted class.  Most parents do full gifted testing. Some parents opt to start with gifted test screening because this is a quick way to know if your child is close without spending a lot of money.

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Gifted Jim Forgan, Ph.D. testing in Jupiter