Palm Beach Elementary Schools Offering Full Time Gifted Program

The Palm Beach Schools offer full time gifted classes for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  If your child qualifies for a gifted program I recommend the full time gifted classes because then your child is with other gifted students all day in their Palm Beach School District elementary school.  When my daughter qualified for the Palm Beach Schools gifted program my wife and I enrolled her in the full time gifted classes and she has gone through school in somewhat of a cohort since the gifted kids tend to move through the grades together.  This was one benefit of gifted classes in Palm Beach because at the beginning of the year when school started she always new most of the kids in her class.  In addition, the gifted teachers in the full time gifted classes hold the gifted teacher certification which means they received additional coursework specific to designing educational programs to teach gifted kids.

Gifted Program

If you need gifted testing for your child call or use the contact form above to email my office.  The Palm Beach gifted requirements include an individually administered IQ test.  The gifted testing takes about 1 hour.

Have you wondered if your neighborhood school offers a full time gifted class?  It seems like that information should be easy to locate but surprisingly not so.  Thus, I complied a list of Palm Beach Elementary schools offering full time gifted classes.

A List of Palm Beach Elementary Schools Offering Full Time Gifted Classes

Addison Mizner (K-5th)

Banyan Creek (K-5th)

Calusa (K)

Coral Reef (K-5th)

Del Prado (K-5th)

Sunset Palms (K-5th)

Galaxy (K, 1)

J.C. Mitchell (K & 1st)

Rolling Green (3rd &4th)

Waters Edge (K-5th)

Whispering Pines (K-5th)

Citrus Cove (K-5th)

Cypress Trails (K-1)

Everglades (K-5th)

Forest Hill (K & 1st)

Freedom Shores (K-5th)

Grassy Waters (K-5th)

HL Johnson (K-5th)

Liberty Park (K-5th)

C.O. Taylor/Kirklane (K-5th)

North Grade (K-5th)

Poinciana (K-5th)

Belle Glade (K-5th)

Binks Forest (K-5th)

Elbridge Gale (K-5th)

Pahokee (3rd & 4th)

Panther Run (K-5th)

Beacon Cove (3rd-5th)

Dr. M. M. Bethune (3rd & 4th)

Lighthouse (K-2nd)

Limestone Creek(K-5th)

Marsh Pointe (K-5)

Palm Beach Gardens (K-5th)

Timber Trace (K-5th)

Westward (K-5th)

Palm Beach Public (K-5th)

South Olive (K-5th)

Wellington (K-1)

Everglades (K-3rd)

H.L. Johnson (K-5th)

Melaleuca (2nd-4th)

The Conservatory School (3rd-5th)

As you can tell, Palm Beach Schools offer a lot of gifted classes and they are one of the few Florida school districts that offers gifted kindergarten classes.  Contact me if you need gifted help in Palm Beaches and here’s a link to my 20 minute recorded webinar —

Gifted Testing in the Palm Beaches.”

Note: The Palm Beach Schools no longer requires reading and math testing but we have not updated the webinar to reflect this yet.