Gifted Children in West Palm Beach

I work with many families that move to south Florida (Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart, Port. St. Lucie) from other states.  Many families want to find out if their child qualifies for gifted classes or a gifted school.  The quickest way to learn if your child is gifted is to have private testing.  The Palm Beach or Martin School system will test your child for the gifted program but it usually takes months. I understand how important this testing is to you and your child and you want it done right by a psychologist that knows what he is doing.  After all, this testing influences your child’s future so I want to make sure you, and your child are prepared.

I am excellent at working with kids and I have a son and daughter of my own.  One of my gifted children went through the Jupiter gifted classes and is now in high school.  Kids quickly develop a good rapport with me so that they feel comfortable and so we get a true picture of their abilities.

What’s required to qualify as gifted in Palm Beach, Stuart, or Port. St. Lucie?  The gifted classes require an IQ of 130 or higher on an individually administered IQ test. In addition, the school system in Palm Beach requires your child to be advanced in either reading or math.  Your child must score a standard score of 119 or higher which means he or she is above 90% of same age students.

When I test your child I score the results and I explain them to you at the end of the testing.  You leave with a summary of the results and you know if your child meets the gifted criteria in Palm Beach. If your child qualifies the public school gifted classes you will have your child’s teacher fill out a gifted child checklist.  Then the school meets with you and formalizes the paperwork.  Once your child is in a gifted program he or she remains there as long as they perform well.  You don’t have to retest or qualify every year. Gifted children receive an educational plan.

Email or call if you have any questions.