ADHD Focus Without Medication

Help your child with ADHD focus without medication.  A focus item helps children with executive functioning difficulty and ADHD focus without medication.

Children learn how to hold a small focus item in one hand and rub or squeeze it. A focus item helps children with ADHD focus without medication because we all have attentional controls in our fingertips. This implies you pay attention better when your fingertips are active! Do you doodle, drum your fingers on the table, squeeze a pen, twirl your hair? These are different socially acceptable ways adults have learned to focus better by keeping their fingers active.  Young children need to learn this and they can start with a focus item.

Instead of your child picking apart an eraser, he squeezes a focus item.  Instead of your daughter playing with pencils in her desk, she rubs a focus item.  A focus item helps kids divide their attention so their hands are busy but their ears and mind are listening. A focus item can help many kids in the classroom, including yours.  Plus, if other kids use a focus item your child will not feel self-conscious about holding a focus item.

You can help your child replace distracted behaviors with focused behavior.

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