Gifted Testing Help

A parent contacted our office with her concern about making the best gifted educational decision for her son. She wanted gifted testing help. She wrote:

My son’s Montessori school goes up to 3rd grade. He currently 5 and attends VPK, but the school met with us and suggested to advance him to 1st grade and to skip kindergarten.  That school has a classroom with kids from 1st to 3rd grade all together and the maximum in the class will be around 10 kids for next year. I am concerned that he might not be mature enough and emotionally ready for that jump.  Also, with the bullying etc., being the smallest kid in class might be an issue as he grows up.

The school director advised me to try it since I can later decide to move him back once he leaves that school and goes to public school or wherever we decide to put him. They believe that since was born in October and he missed the cutoff day for 2 months, the age difference won’t be too drastic and he will be fine socially.  They also believe that this might be really helpful for his maturity since he is very “active” and gets bored easily and gets in trouble. They think that he might develop serious behavioral problems if he stays in kindergarten.

After his psychological evaluation, I would like to know what is your professional opinion regarding this matter. I would like to make the best decision for my son.

We completed the gifted testing and determined her son qualified for a gifted class based on his very high IQ and extremely high academic scores.  This young boy was 5 and working on a mid 2nd grade math level and a 1.9 reading level. The parent and psychologist discussed pros and cons of acceleration and how it would affect this young boy.  They left knowing the decision they made was the best one for their son.

The Palm Beach Schools gifted IQ test score is 130 or higher on an individually administered IQ test.  We offer the full IQ test and a shorter gifted screening IQ test.  The screening is optional and is best for parents who believe their child is smart but want a quick read on the IQ before investing the complete cost of full IQ test.

The IQ test is comprised of new activities that measure a child’s problem solving ability.  These include blocks, pictures, logical thinking, and remembering pictures or words.  The IQ test is not ‘games’ so we recommend you not use this word when explaining what your child will be doing but rather say ‘activities.’ IQ test results are given the same day of testing so you know if your child qualifies as gifted.

Contact us if you have questions or are ready to schedule you child’s IQ test. We offer IQ testing for Palm Beach, Martin County Schools gifted, and St. Lucie schools gifted IQ testing.