Gifted Testing in Jupiter Florida

As a school psychologist in Jupiter, Florida, I worked with a four and a half year old boy today to complete gifted class testing.  Yes, you can test a child at 4.5 years old for gifted because Palm Beach (Palm Beach School District) school offer kindergarten gifted programs.  Palm Beach schools are one of the few counties that offer full time gifted classrooms.  Thus, many parents have their child tested to see if the child tests gifted.

This boy’s mother found me on the internet and researched my background on my website, watched some of my gifted testing videos, and talked with me on the phone.  Upon scheduling she arrived on the scheduled date with her youngster.  Right away he was eager to meet me and said, “Hi Mr. Jim, are we going to do some cool things today?”  See, his mom prepared him for the testing and built it up as a positive experience.  This was the right way to approach testing.  Mom talked it up like an enjoyable experience filled with activities and things the boy would be good at doing.  It kept him in a good mood.  She did not stress him out by telling him this was for the gifted program.

I made him feel welcomed to my office by giving him a tour, pointing out interesting items, and showing him exactly how close his mom would be in the waiting area since it’s just outside my glass door.  He could see out and she could see in.  It helped make him feel comfortable as it does since most kids perform better on gifted testing when they know mom or dad is close by.  With four year olds we break about every 20 minutes.  He played with blocks, colored, and ate a snack.  The gifted class testing seemed like an enjoyable experience for him and he definitely did not feel any stress.  (This is an advantage to having your child privately tested for gifted as compared to testing by the public school system).

When the gifted testing was done he chose a reward from the prize box and played on his DS just outside my door while I explained the gifted testing results to mom.  She left with a written summary of the testing (I can’t tell you if he qualified as gifted) and I mail the complete report to her home.  Parents of kids in Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington FL, Jupiter, Royal Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and even Boca Raton FL come for gifted testing.

Every parent that work with me for gifted testing can use my Gifted Parent Preparation Program so you know exactly how to prepare your child for testing.  I believe in helping you help your child.  In my system you also receive all forms and 12 of my exclusive gifted videos!  You’ll have more information that 90% of parents out there and will be able to make the best decisions for your child.

Even if the child does not meet the Palm Beach school gifted criteria, the gifted child testing is informative.  Parents learn about their child’s IQ and it gives insight as what to expect from your child.  It provides a baseline for your child which I believe is valuable to know.  Again, the Palm Beach schools gifted testing is IQ, reading, and math.  The entire process takes under two hours.  Fill out the contact form or call me if you would like your child tested for gifted.