Palm Beach Florida Gifted Education

The Palm Beach Florida Gifted Schools offer programs from Jupiter Florida to Boca Raton, Florida all the way to Wellington, Florida. In fact, the Palm Beach School District is one of the few Florida school systems offering gifted education at the kindergarten level.  Most school districts start gifted classes in first grade.  If you want your child in a gifted class in Palm Beach they must have an IQ test as well as reading and math tests.

I am excellent at working with kids and I have a boy and girl of my own.  Kids quickly develop a good rapport with me so that they feel comfortable and so we get a true picture of their abilities.

If you believe your child may be gifted some it’s always a good sign when his or her preschool teacher makes a recommendation to get private gifted testing.  Preschool teachers have a large group of kids that they can compare your child to so they know which kids are advanced enough to recommend for gifted testing.  Other gifted characteristics include being very verbal and talkative.  Gifted children are usually strong communicators and have a well developed vocabulary for their age.  Gifted children often ask insightful questions and are good at making connections.  They are constantly learning and seem to pick up on new concepts quickly.

If you want to know if your child is gifted I can administer an IQ test.  This is required by the public school system to determine if your child meets the gifed requirements.  The Palm Beach gifted classes require an IQ of 130 or higher on an individually administered IQ test.  Some common IQ tests are the WISC-IV, Reynolds, and Stanford-Binet.

In addition, the school system in Palm Beach requires your child to be advanced in either reading or math.  Your child must score a standard score of 119 or higher which means he or she is above 90% of same age students.  Look at your child’s test scores if your child is already in school and has taken the FCAT, ITBS, SAT, or similar type of test. You can get an indication of your child’s level because scores should be close to or above 90% in reading or math.

When I test your child I score the results so I can explain them to you at the end of the session.  You leave with a summary of the results and you know if your child meets the gifted criteria in Palm Beach. (I also test kids for Stuart and St. Lucie schools gifted programs). If your child qualifies the public school will have your child’s teacher fill out a gifted child checklist.  Call today for gifted testing.