Gifted Class IQ Test

You want your child to have the opportunity to reach their potential.  That’s why parents bring their child for gifted testing.  If your child qualifies as a gifted child they have the opportunity to enter a gifted class which nurtures their gifted needs.  Gifted classes do not simply mean more work.

Gifted Class IQ Test

Your child must take an IQ test to enter a gifted class.  If you are not on free/reduced lunch or a limited english proficient student, the minimum score for a gifted IQ is 130. This means your child is above 98% of same age kids.  Preschool and kindergarten students take a common IQ test such as the Wecshler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence.  Elementary students take the Wecshler Intelligence Scale for Children, the RIAS, or the Stanford-Binet.  Each gifted class IQ test is administered one-to-one with a licensed school psychologist.  Our office provided parents with IQ test results the day of testing.

Gifted Characteristics

If your child’s IQ scores are high enough to qualify for gifted classes, then your child’s current teacher must complete a gifted characteristics checklist.  You bring the gifted testing paperwork to your child’s public school and they give you a copy of the checklist to bring to the preschool or private school teacher.  Your child’s teacher must rate him or her with more than 50% of items scored high.

Testing or Screening?

Most families bring their child for full gifted testing which is the gifted class IQ test and academics.  We also offer a brief gifted screening test which helps families who are on the fence about gifted testing.  Both processes are informative and help you help your child reach his or her potential.

Appointments fill up fast so call our office if you are ready to schedule gifted testing for your child.