Why Gifted Testing?

Gifted testing is something I had my daughter do when she was five years old.  She tested with another psychologist and qualified for gifted classes in Palm Beach.  Even though we had her gifted testing when she was young, it was the right decision for her and she remained in gifted classes throughout her educational experience.

Why Gifted Testing?

My wife and I decided to have our daughter gifted tested because we observed she had a very strong vocabulary, talked exceptionally well for her age, and was very inquisitive.  She also seemed very strong at noticing details in the environment.  She would comment and ask questions about how things worked.  My wife was a stronger proponent of gifted testing for our daughter than me. I was also concerned about, “What if she did not qualify?”  The good thing about gifted testing is if your child does not qualify the first time, you can try again.  It’s no one’s fault but some kids just don’t have a good day of the day of testing.  Kids may be nervous, they may not ‘click’ with the examiner, or they may respond impulsively without really thinking things through.

A young child’s intelligence is not set in stone.  Most researchers believe intelligence continues to grow and fluctuate in young children until at least age eight. Psychologists can retest your child with a different IQ test at any time.  We can’t retest using the same IQ test for one year.

I believe you test kids for gifted classes because you want to make sure your child receives the right educational fit.  If your child is gifted he or she can be bored in a general classroom.  Gifted children have a different way of thinking that needs to be fostered in a full time gifted class or school for gifted children like the Weiss School.  Gifted teachers ‘get’ gifted kids and provide educational experiences that allow your child to reach his or her intellectual potential.  I’m fond of the Weiss School because their educational program addresses the whole child whereas Palm Beach Schools gifted programs primarily address academics. The point I’m making is gifted testing provides you with information to help you decide on the best educational experience for your child.

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