Gifted IQ Testing in Palm Beach during 2017

Gifted testing 2017 updates. Parents are already thinking about the next year’s school choices because many private schools start registration in January, 2017. In addition, children entering gifted kindergarten need an IQ test between the months of January and May. You may have considered having your child’s IQ tested to determine if they qualify for the public school gifted program. Other school that require an IQ test are the Weiss School and the Greene School.  Many parents have their child’s IQ tested to see what options are available for the coming school year.

The Palm Beach School District has approximately 9,000 students in gifted programs. Palm Beach is one of the few Florida school districts offering kindergarten gifted programs. The most common way for a student to qualify for the public school gifted program is to have an IQ score that is 130 or above on an individually administered test. There are different IQ tests for preschool and school age children.

The Greene School in West Palm Beach is a private school that provides an innovative, advanced, and balanced curriculum to educate children in a way that is different from the public school in that it provides flexibility.  The Weiss School is the areas only full time gifted school that provides gifted education to children from preschool through eighth grades.

Kids think taking the IQ test is fun and it takes under an hour to complete. We give you the IQ score that same day. There are other ways for children of low socioeconomic status and limited English proficiency to qualify for gifted programs.

Some of the benefits of gifted programs include enriched curriculum, advanced curriculum, the opportunity to foster critical thinking skills, and being with a group of similar students. In traditional classrooms, gifted kids are often used as peer tutors to help lower performing students. Some gifted kids are bored in regular classrooms.  Gifted testing 2017 appointments are being set up now so schedule yours before we get booked up.