Gifted testing 2016 change

Gifted class requirements changed in Palm Beach Schools during the 2016 school year. The IQ test is now the only requirement from the psychologist’s testing.  Common IQ tests include the WISC, WPPSI, RIAS, and the Stanford-Binet. An IQ test takes an hour or less to administer and  we score it right away so you get the scores.

The gifted class requirement is that your child should have an IQ score of 130 or higher on an individually administered IQ test. Second, your child’s current teacher must fill out a gifted characteristics checklist and endorse more than half of the characteristics as applicable to your child. A certified teacher must complete the checklist so this is typically done by your child’s preschool or elementary teacher.

Gifted testing takes about one hour and your receive results the same day in summary form. All clients testing with us receive a free video tour of the office. The video tour allows your child to see where he or she will be working and this helps put kids at ease. When kids know where they are going it helps reduce anxiety. In addition, you tell your child he or she will be doing activities rather than testing. Some children benefit from having a pre-meeting with the psychologist and we offer that too.  Some children perform better when they know who they will be working with so a pre-meeting can help reduce anxiety and prepare children for the IQ test.

If you are on the fence about testing we also offer a brief gifted screening that gives an estimated IQ and lets us know if your child is close to the 130 mark. If they are close enough then full gifted testing is recommended. Schedule soon if you’d like gifted testing because the prime slots fill up quickly.