Writing Help

For various reasons some children do not enjoy writing. You can help make writing fun this summer by assisting your child in writing his or her own book, creating mazes, and by learning keyboarding. When my children were young I purchased a blank book from an online retailer because this book had a durable cover and blank pages inside.  When we went on vacation I took pictures so that upon returning home, my child and I selected and printed 10-15 favorites.  Then we taped them in the book and my child either wrote about the picture or told me what to write.  The kids loved it and now, a decade later, we have lots of great books filled with memories.

Many kids enjoy doing mazes and you can suggest that your child create his or her own mazes for others to complete. You can use graph paper to help with the lines or just use blank paper.  Your child has to write the directions so people know what to do because some mazes are started at the end, are completed with the opposite hand, or get penalized if they hit a dead-end.

One of my best classes was taking a typing class but many schools don’t formally teach keyboarding anymore. This summer you can give your child a life skill that is crucial in today’s world.  Use Type to Learn, Mavis Beacon, or other programs and require 10-15 minutes per day of keyboard training.  Going forward this skill will make your child’s life easier.

Some children struggle with writing because they have dysgraphia which makes penmanship look extremely messy, the same letter is formed different ways, letters don’t sit on the line, and children can have difficulty copying. Some kids with dysgraphia think great thoughts but can’t transfer them to paper.  If your child has these warning signs, consider a dysgraphia evaluation.

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