Palm Beach Gifted 2015

The Palm Beach gifted classes start in kindergarten and continue through eighth grade. To qualify for the Palm Beach gifted classes your child must take an IQ test.  For pre-K four or five year olds, gifted testing takes under 60 minutes and this includes two short breaks. Your child is compared to norms based on age.

If your child qualifies for Palm Beach gifted classes he or she has an IQ score of 130 or above.

If your child is in preschool and entering kindergarten in August, he or she should recognize letters and even some basic sight words such as ‘in’ or ‘cat.’ In math he or she should be able to count items such as a group of pencils and state how many are present. Your child should be able to add simple math problems like, “If you have one block and your mom gives you two more, how many would you have?”

My associates and I offer gifted full gifted testing or a brief gifted screening to determine if your child may qualify for Palm Beach gifted classes. When you work with us we give you a link so you can show your child a tour of the office and know where he or she will come “do some fun activities.” We recommend you don’t use the word test with your young child. Instead frame the experience as if we are teachers who find out all the great things your child has been learning. Children are used to working with teachers so that will help them feel more comfortable.

Call, email, or text if you’d like additional information for Palm Beach gifted testing in screening. Testing takes place in our Jupiter office and we are conveniently located close to I 95 and Donald Ross Road and within 30 minutes from most areas in the Palm Beaches and Stuart area.