College Learning Disability Testing in Palm Beach

As a school psychologist I test college students for learning disabilities (ADD/ ADHD, etc.) in the Palm Beach and South Florida area.  Students with learning disabilities can receive accommodations at Palm Beach State College, Florida Atlantic University, Lynn University, NOVA, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida State, University of Florida, and many other colleges.  I test college students for learning disabilities using the required tests that document the student’s learning disability.  Since I’m licensed by the state, my reports are accepted at all Florida colleges as well as those outside Florida (e.g. Old Miss, Alabama, Georgia, etc).

What does learning disability testing require?

Testing to document a learning disability in college most colleges require three components of a psychoeducational evaluation.  The three components found in most college learning disability requirements include (1) an individually administered IQ test, (2) academic testing in reading, math, and writing, and (3) information processing tests in areas such as memory, information processing speed, visual, auditory, attention, etc.  The most common tests that universities recommend include the WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale), Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement, Nelson Denny Reading Test, and Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities.  Check with your college or universities Office of Students with Disabilities to see if these tests are on their recommended list.  Most colleges or universities require the learning disability testing be recent within 3 to 5 years.

These tests can be administered on one or two days.  College learning disability testing is a lengthy process and takes 4 to 4.5 hours for testing.  Most college students prefer to complete the learning disability evaluation during one day.  I recognize most college students  have a tight budget so I provide them with a discount on the testing fee.  Call me for specifics.

Once you complete the testing I score the results and write up a report that you can bring to the college Office of Students with Disabilities to register for support.  The college staff keeps all your information confidential and other students will not know about your learning disability.  The disability office staff provides you with a letter that you then give to each of your college professors.  The letter will state the allowable accommodations that you receive and that the professor must honor since the accommodations are part of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Frequently provided college accommodations

The Office for Students with Disabilities (or similar named office) has a list of all the allowable accommodations in college.  The accommodations you receive depend on your needs.  Some of the most common college level accommodations include extended time on tests, testing in a small setting, copies of notes, frequent breaks during testing, fewer items on the test page, preferential course registration, or a course substitution.  When you meet with the counselor you explain to him or her what your needs are, they review your paperwork, and they write up the accommodation plan.  

If you want college disability testing in the Jupiter or Palm Beach area, use the contact form above or call me.