The 5 Keys for Overcoming Learning Disabilities

keysIf you’ve had your child evaluated and found out her or she has a learning disability then you may be concerned about your child’s future and hope he or she can overcome the learning disability.  What does the future hold for kids with learning disabilities?  I believe the future for your child is promising because your child has you as an advocate.  I know this for a fact or else you would not be here reading this article.  If you want your child to overcome his or her learning issue then there are 5 key and very important steps you need to take now.

  1. First, you must use the right program with your child.  If you use the wrong program with your child then it won’t help your child overcome their learning disability.  Contact me if you need help determining the ‘right’ program to use with your child.
  2. Second, your child must work with the right teacher, tutor, or therapist.  What I mean here is that your child must have a great rapport with the tutor-teacher-therapist and want to work for him or her.  The tutor must ‘get’ your child and know how to help him or her work within what’s called the zone of proximal development.  This means the tutor must work with your child and be able to take your child to a level he or she could not obtain working on their own.  The tutor must be able to help your child reach new learning milestones as they use the right program.
  3. Third, you must use the right program for the right length of time.  Learning disabilities can be overcome or minimized if you work at them long enough. What I often find is that parents start the tutoring-therapy but don’t always continue  long enough.  I recommend you plan to continue tutoring 18-36 months of at least twice a week tutoring.
  4. Fourth, your child must be at the right age.  The younger you find out your child has a learning disability the greater the chances he or she will overcome it.  Young children can learn at a rapid rate.  If you learn your child has a learning disability in middle or high school it takes more time and effort to overcome the learning disability.
  5. Fifth, your child must have the right attitude.  A key to overcoming learning disabilities is that your child must realize his or her attitude is a primary factor in the outcome.  Your child will be working hard and may need your help to keep a positive attitude.  This means you may need to let your child earn rewards for going to tutoring-therapy.  Give your child tons of positive feedback.  Remember to make learning fun at home.  If your child goes to school and then goes to tutoring-therapy then they receive plenty of instruction.  Let the tutors teach and at home you reinforce and make it fun.

You’ll help your child overcome his or her learning disabilities by applying these 5 keys.  I know they work because I’ve use them with one of my own children.  I can help you if you need your child evaluated or if you need a consult to know the right program to use with your child.  Use the contact form above or call me.  Let’s get your child on the right track today!