Dyslexics Talk Better Than They Write

If your child has dyslexia he or she is probably stronger about talking and weaker at putting thoughts and ideas down in writing.  Do you read your child’s writing and think to yourself, “Why does he/she write so simply?”  If that’s the case your child may benefit from using a standard feature on the Apple computers (we use the MacBook) when using the Mountain Lion operating system.  Apple now has a built in accessibility feature that allows an individual to talk to the computer and the computer will type the speech.

It’s so cool that the voice to text software is standard in Apple computers.  A few years ago I purchased a stand alone speech to text software for my son to use and he used it to write  his spelling sentences each week and for many writing assignments.  Using this software takes some getting used to but the improvement in your child’s writing can be phenomenal!  I know for my child he writes by hand using simple words so that he does not make a lot of spelling mistakes.  Now by talking and allowing the computer to type his writing is much better.

How to set up voice to text in your Apple computer