Stealth Dyslexia Testing

Stealth Dyslexia Testing in West Palm Beach, Florida. Stealth dyslexia is  hidden form of dyslexia and children with stealth dyslexia often have above average to gifted levels of intelligence and other natural strengths such as a strong memory that help them compensate.  These children often ‘mask’ their dyslexia. Additionally, a child with stealth dyslexia living in a supportive home environment may go undetected for a longer time because of strong parent or tutor support.  Nevertheless, it’s important for parents to trust their instinct because, in my experience, a parent’s intuition is highly accurate.  If you have concerns about stealth dyslexia or another possible learning issue, have your child tested and give yourself peace of mind.  You can rule stealth dyslexia in or out and gain knowledge about how to proceed.

The Stealth Dyslexia Process

A stealth dyslexia testing evaluation takes approximately four hours. There is no one test for determining stealth dyslexia so a group of tests is used during testing.

The process for stealth dyslexia testing includes:

  1. A review of past records, educational performance, and history
  2. A parent meeting
  3. 4 hours of testing with the child which includes:
    1. An IQ test (children with stealth dyslexia are often very intelligent)
    2. Tests of visual-spatial processing (children with stealth dyslexia are often strong in these areas)
    3. Tests of auditory and visual memory (children with stealth dyslexia often use strong memory to compensate)
    4. Tests of auditory discrimination
    5. Tests of phonological processing
    6. Reading aloud and silently
    7. Reading nonsense or made up words
    8. Spelling tests of real and made up words
    9. Self-esteem testing
    10. Many others… depending on your child’s unique needs.
  4. A review meeting including a written report with specific recommendations.
  5. A follow up check in.

The stealth dyslexia evaluation helps identify the best reading program to use with your child because you want to identify the breakdown and provide the right type of support.  Kids grow and develop fast so you don’t want to lose valuable time doing things that don’t help fix the core issue. Use the contact form if you would like to schedule or if you have questions.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Stealth Dyslexia Testing

1. Does insurance cover testing?  No.

2. Is testing in one day? Testing is 2, 2 hour sessions. For teens 16 and older it can be done in one day.

3. Can you test for more issues than just stealth dyslexia? Yes, I also  test for other learning disabilities, ADHD, processing problems, IQ, and other areas depending on each client’s needs.

4. What age can you start testing? I begin at 5.5 years old and continue through adulthood.

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