Psychoeducational Testing Gives Mom Hope

Psychoeducational testing or neuropsychological testing provides parents with answers to their child’s struggles.  Testing a child provides a ‘peek’ or window into how they process, learn, and produce. If you’ve been frustrated by your child’s struggles and have tried as many things without good results then consider psychoeducational testing.  I worked with a high school student that had been tested previously but the previous report and results were written in a way where they did not make much sense to the parents.  This is something I work hard to avoid and my testing provides you with an explanation that makes sense.  In fact, in my report I take the results and say ‘this is how this difficulty may appear in the classroom’ and then provide examples.

My recommendations are specific to your child and are presented to help.  During the results meeting I explain the results and recommendations and then we prioritize the ones that can help your child most.  You have the final decision about which recommendations to use but this gives you a starting point that is specific to your child.   A client recently emailed me her thoughts.

She said, “Thank you for the report, and your time. The school is thrilled that you recommend my son take his tests over several days, versus just recommending extra time. Thank you so much for listening and really hearing what I was telling you. This could make the difference in his future.”

She felt the hope for her son and his future.  By the way, an involved parent does make the difference between success and failure for many teens.  Even if your teen has an attitude, stay involved and don’t let him or her push you away.  A teen’s words to their parents don’t always match his or her feelings.

Are you ready to help your child?  Contact me so we can start psychoeducational testing this week.  The investment you make now will prevent problems in the future.