Prevent Being Held Back

Be proactive.  If you suspect your child may have learning or behavior issues at school, contact me.  I find that most moms are very intuitive about their children so trust your instincts.  My advise to you is don’t take a wait and see approach.  Time is too valuable as there are only five months of school remaining and FCAT testing is close.  Historically, school districts move slow when supporting kids that struggle. 

The results of my evaluation will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  I make sure to tailor the evaluation to answer your specific questions!  It is accepted by public and private schools.  This documentation can speed up the help your child receives in school.  Without written documentation, your child’s school won’t usually make any adjustments.  These are called reasonable accommodations and they are required by law if your child has a learning disorder.  There is still time to give your child an academic boost to get through the school year.

A proactive investment in your child’s future can save you from wasting your money on hit and miss search for answers.  Your child’s school can give extra help and support if you have the proper documentation.  Answers await you.  Don’t wait for your child to fail before getting help.  Your child will thank you and you’ll have peace of mind.