Three Step Process for College Planning

Planning for college does not have to wait until the senior year.  Students obtain better outcomes when college planning starts in tenth or eleventh grade.  A rising junior student I recently worked wanted to attend a large state university but he had not yet accomplished anything to position himself as a competitive applicant.  During our interview he revealed he did not participate in any school clubs, student government, sports, or arts.  He was not working or volunteering.  This put him at a disadvantage.

First Step

Working with a college planner helps students accomplish three important steps. First, resume building.  College applicants submit a resume as part of the admission process.  Teens benefit from coaching on the best activities to become involved with to include on their resume. Most college admissions officers prefer a well-rounded individual as compared to a one dimensional book worm.

Second Step

A second important step is test preparation.  Have you heard that test scores are often optional and don’t really matter for college admission? That’s not exactly true.  When applying to highly competitive universities the admission officer examines applications and when two applicants are equal on paper, the one with test scores has the admission edge. Thus, your student needs test preparation for the ACT and SAT tests.

Third Step

A third step to preparing for college is crafting an amazing essay.  Admission officers really read every applicant’s essay. They look for a distinguisher that captures the essence of the teen and how they will contribute to making the university a better institution.  Thus, participating in essay workshops and working with an expert essay college planner helps to best position your student.

Class 101 College Planning Made Simple

I recommend the one-to-one college planning services of Class 101 North Palm Beach.  They provide ten college planning services which includes the three in this article to give your student an edge in the competitive college admission process.

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