Palm Beach Home Education Evaluation Success

home education evaluationI worked with an elementary student to complete the Palm Beach Schools Home Education Evaluation and it was a huge success. The young girl came in with her parent and was happy, well rested, and ready to work. I started the home education evaluation by explaining the process and giving her examples of the types of questions I would ask her. She easily answered them and then felt very confident about her abilities. I reassured her that she would do well and this simple explanation helped her get off to a great start. We completed tests from the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement which is a normed test for reading, math, and writing. This young girl appeared to enjoy the work.

This parent also wanted and IQ test for her daughter so we completed that as part of the testing.  The IQ test provided insight into the young girl’s potential as well as how she processed information.  In this case, the girl was highly verbal and excelled on all sections that required talking.  The IQ helped mom understand how her daughter learns.

This young girl was working at her potential and was making great academic progress.  I also reviewed her portfolio and mom’s records and then signed off on the Palm Beach home education (home school evaluation form) Palm Beach Schools. 

Here is the form homeschool_annual_evaluation_Palm Beach and if you need an home education evaluation contact me.