Three Reasons to Test Your Child’s IQ

Have you ever wondered what your child’s IQ score is?  The Mensa high IQ society entrance requirement is an IQ score of 130 or above which means your child’s IQ is above at least 98 out of 100 same age children.  This is also the IQ score required to enter a gifted class.  Here are three reasons to test your child’s IQ.

First, the IQ score provides information about how your child processes information when presented with new challenges.  An IQ test does not have any reading, math, or written expression on it so it measures your child’s new problem solving ability to process information verbally, logically, quickly, and using memory.  You’ll learn about your child’s processing.

A second reason to test your child’s IQ is to establish a baseline for determining his or her ability. Accidents, illnesses, and head trauma may occur at any time during your child’s life and could significantly affect your child’s daily functioning and future earning potential.  If you test your child’s IQ when young, you have a reference for making future comparisons which could be useful in case of a lawsuit.

Third, understanding your child’s IQ may help you with establishing expectations for your child’s performance.  Perhaps you feel like learning should come easier to your child or that you have to push too hard.  Knowing your child’s IQ can help you understand how to guide your child.

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