IQ and Gifted Testing for Palm Beach Schools

Gifted testing in any school system requires an individually administered IQ test. This is one-to-one and takes under an hour. Testing begins with talking to your child and making sure he or she is comfortable and appears at ease.  Then testing begins and we don’t actually tell the child it’s a ‘test’ but rather ‘activities’ to find out how they learn best.  Kids look at pictures, answer questions, and use blocks.  The IQ test results are given the same day so you know if your child qualifies as gifted.

IQ Requirements to Qualify as Gifted

In the Palm Beach schools gifted classes your child qualifies as gifted if he or she scores 130 or above on the IQ test. They used to also require reading and math testing but this is no longer a formal requirement so this has shortened the Palm Beach Schools gifted testing. Common IQ tests include the WISC, WPPSI, Reynolds, Stanford-Binet, and DAS.  These IQ tests measure a child’s new problem solving and higher scores correlate with the probability your child will experience higher academic success.

Gifted Testing Cost

Gifted testing cost varies depending if you want the screening or full gifted IQ test. During testing we take drink and snack breaks so I encourage you to bring your child a drink.  I score the tests as we go along so I give you the scores the same day as the testing so you know if your child qualifies.  I mail you a written report a day later.

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